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Student Exchange


 History :

The international student exchange programs are programs for the purpose of improving and enhancing the mutual understanding and respect among different nations, through giving students opportunities to study in different countries, exchange and communicate ideas with people in different cultures. The first international student exchange program was started between Germany and the US, after World War II. And now, there are more than 60 countries supporting these programs every year.

We (新宝6_IEA_) have been building opportunities for Chinese students to join the international student exchange programs for over 10 years. We have established a great system for managing and serving, in which we can help the Chinese students to know more about international student and find the right student exchange programs for them.

 Programs Intro :

For Chinese Students:

In China, Chinese students can apply for international student exchange program through 新宝6_IEA_. We will help them to know as much as possible about the student exchange programs we have, and will do the same to know about the students, so that we can have the right students for the right programs. After students' applications and other procedures are done, they then can fly to the designated countries for the 10 months experiences of different cultures, where our associated organizations (like YFU, CCI, etc) will offer support through out the exchange year.

In the exchange year, exchange students will have chances to interact with a different culture, learn a different language and see things in new angles. During this process, they can learn to adapt new environments, to solve problems in more mature ways, to respect and love. And more, they can also find their passions and a clearer future.

For Exchange Students from Other Countries:

新宝6_IEA_ will offer supports to international exchange students who come to China, including arranging Chinese schools and host families, basic Mandarin lessons, adaption training and supervising, etc.

Available Programs:

CCI Academic Year Program;

YFU Academic Year Program;

 Programs Features :

Develop Students' Abilities to be Independent.

During an exchange year, students live with host families. Without their own parents help, they have to learn to get along with host families, work and study with new people at new schools, confront and deal with problems which may come, asking the right people for help if needed, etc. All those experiences will help develop students' abilities to be independent.

Improve Students' Language Skills.

During an exchange year, students will be immersed in a complete local language environment, where they will adapt and learn the local language faster then ever before.

Offer Different Life Experiences.

During an exchange year, students will have opportunites to get involved in various kinds of activities, like local sports, school clubs, game events, volunteer activities, travels, etc. They can make friends and get to know more about themselves through real experiences.

Improve Students' Learning Ability.

Under different influences of different education systems, students will have a better sense of what fits them more. They can learn things from new angles, combine the features of different education to the their own advantages.