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International Volunteers

Volunteer & Travel (V&T) is a program, in which students of the right age, families and company staffs can participate in international volunteer activities.

新宝6_IEA_ has been taking part in various international culture exchange programs and activities for many years. We have established good relationships with different volunteer organizations in different countries, like the USA, German, with whom we have been offering great chances for kind people to travel and give their love and care.

For students from age 15 to 23, 新宝6_IEA_ will arrange them live in local families during their time in the program. Under the guidance of our associated local offices, students will have more than 15 hours per week to join the volunteer activities of the local communities or volunteer organizations.



1. A chance to give and share

International volunteers play a great role in international cultural exchange during the diversified development of the world, showing people worldwide love and care.

2. A chance to understand and interact with the local cultures

V & T program will not only give you the opportunity to travel to a different country, but also offer you far more than just a tour. Through your participation in the local volunteer activities, you will get to know the local people and feel the culture with love and joy.

3. Customization and free time for yourselves

If you want to join a specific kind of volunteer activities, you can advise us when you apply for the program, 新宝6_IEA_ will then work with associated volunteer organizations and try to make the right plan for you.

During the program, you just need to spend 15 hours in volunteer activities of our program per week. Other than that, you can have the rest of your time to yourselves for your own plans.